Fragrance Stories


“Made of Patchouli and a mixture of roses, it gives you that real feeling of the Gulf.” - Suhad Al Qenaei

The fragrance is named after the palace of the Kuwaiti ruler, which incidentally is also the name of one of Kuwait’s earliest historic regions. This fragrance serves as the embodiment of the authentic Kuwaiti spirit with its aromatic formula filled with natural oils, conjuring up the traditional scents of prestigious and Royal families residing in this region.

TOP NOTES: Bulgarian Rose MIDDLE NOTES: Bulgarian Rose and Patchouli BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Oud

Al Wasel

“A sensually overwhelming blend of spices, wood, and leather that gently embraces the skin, covering it with a strong but sweet smell” - Suhad Al Qenaei

Al Wasl is one of Suhad’s latest creations. It carries the true spirit of the Khaleeji people through its blend of the finest oriental ingredients, creating a luxuriously smooth perfume. Al Wasl radiates with clarity as well as reflects the virtues, the generosity and the hospitality that fills the room with its aromatic fragrance. It is a bottle every Khaleeji is proud to carry, have on their nightstands and take a whiff of to be reminded of who he is.

TOP NOTES: Saffron, Ginger, Cumin, Leather. MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Cedar, Patchouli. BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tobacco, Musk


“Luxurious scent of agarwood with just two sprays of Bukhoor layered on top of your favored fragrance.” –Suhad Al Qenaei

An unexpected fire alarm from a hotel room went on when Suhad and her sister were burning agarwood on a lighted charcoal to use after spraying their perfumes. That incident led Suhad to create a fragrance that smells exactly like agarwood in which you can spray on after you apply your favourite perfume giving you the same result of burning real agarwood.



“Spanish oil blends with Bulgarian rose to bring joy into your heart.” –Suhad Al Qenaei

Suad has a special place in Suhad Al Qenaei’s life as it was created in honor of her mother, Suad, who helped ignite her passion for perfumes when she was a little girl growing up, savoring all her mother’s beloved perfumes. Suhad created this unique perfume to go down memory lane and relive special moments, moments of undiluted tenderness and unconditional love. The sweet composition of this fragrance creates an atmosphere of peace and happiness, just as a beautiful piece of classical music would.

TOP NOTES: Bulgarian Rose MIDDLE NOTES: Geranium BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Amber, Musk & Buddah


“A mask of confidence and a scent of strong character.” -Suhad Al Qenaei

Using the most expensive grey amber with other rich ingredients, it took us about five years to create this extravagant fragrance. It was a must going out of the book to create this incomparable fragrance and to compose it beautifully in a way that will feed your ego.

TOP NOTES: Honey, Violet, Clary Sage, Saffron, Fig MIDDLE NOTES: Nutmeg, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Jasmine BASE NOTES: Vetyver, Oud, Cinnamon, Cedar, Leather, Grey Amber

Royale Lite

“The Bulgarian rose blends with unique flowers to give it a touch of Royalty.” -Suhad Al Qenaei

Meticulously and passionately designed, Royale Lite, considered as one of Suhad’s most beautiful creations, is unique fragrance for men and women. Specially mentioned in the pages of the Michael Edwards Perfume Encyclopedia, Royale Lite takes inspiration from the life of Kings of oriental mythology with a Western touch. The fragrance composition is extermely rich; carefully mixed to give a refined sense of Kingly Pride.

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Ginger, Cardamom MIDDLE NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Lavandin & Ambery BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Sandalwood & Musk


"The best things happen as a result of coincidence." -Suhad Al Qenaei

Having no perfume to spray, and in a hurry to meet with friends at an afternoon tea gathering, Suhad settled for what was left of the almost empty bottles of two existing perfumes. Upon arriving at the gathering, however, the wonderful fragrance she emitted swept everybody off their feet, and they were all curious as to what the name of the perfume was. When Suhad explained how she came about it, they all agreed to name it ‘Sedfa,’ which translates to how the fragrance came to life - by ‘coincidence.’

TOP NOTES: Ylang-Ylang, Geronium Bourbon MIDDLE NOTES: Nutmeg BASE NOTES: Oud Seoufi, Vetiver, Amber, Patchouli

Al Thouraya

“A most beautiful perfume that highlights the wealth and prestige of the Emirati people in a majestic and luxurious way” - Suhad Al Qenaei

Suhad’s magical senses have created yet another Arabic masterpiece in Al Thouraya. It is magical in that it expresses, in a multitude of ways, the splendor of Emirati Royalty, and conveys the unique characteristics of a noble Emirati household using a unique blend of Middle Eastern aromatic ingredients. A whiff of Al Thouraya is full of impressions that resulted from a visit to an Emirati palace and a time of fellowship with the Royal family, experiencing firsthand the glory contained within.

TOP NOTES: Spicy, Clove & Nutmeg MIDDLE NOTES: Leather, Wood & Amber BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla & Musk

Patchouli & Rose

“The Patchouli & Rose perfume gives you this, “No wonder it is a celebrity favourite” feeling.-Suhad Al Qenaei

There is absolutely no feeling that beats smelling like someone with a high social standing. Using her immense experience and great knowledge in natural ingredients that can be used to create perfume, Suhad made sure to carry out extra work on this wonderful perfume to make it what it is today. Manufactured by combining one of the best scenting, and most admired flowers – Bulgarian Rose with a heavy Patchouli fragrance, the Patchouli & Rose perfume is guaranteed to make you catch the attention and admiration of many people, as if you were a celebrity.

TOP NOTES: Bulgarian Rose MIDDLE NOTES: Geranium BASE NOTES: Patchouli Amber, Buddah

Luxury Saffron

“Only the most expensive spice in the world can add that extra touch of luxury to my creation.” –Suhad Al Qenaei

In our tradition or middle eastern traditions, saffron is one of the most preferred scents in fragrances and taste in food. And mostly saffron is known to be admired by the elderly people only. But with the luxurious scent of Suhad’s “Luxury Saffron” fragrance, it turns out to be favoured by all ages.

TOP NOTES: Lemon, Orange MIDDLE NOTES: Coconut, Peach BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Saffron