Consultation page

Suhad Perfumes offers consultations for bride-to-be’s. Every season is wedding season and every bride deserves her own fragrance to make her days more special. Our consultations are private session with the perfumer herself, Suhad AlQenaie, where she will seek to understand who the bride is and what her preferences are when it comes to scents.

Wedding giveaways

Our wedding giveaways offer a small selection of perfumes where the guests are to take home. The giveaways are a customized selection of fragrances chosen by the bride as a gift to all who joined in the celebration.

Reception giveaways

Whether for baby receptions or otherwise, reception giveaways are an opportunity to showcase unique scents for friends, family and loved ones. All the invited guests will leave with a part of Suhad Perfumes home with them.